A Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan is a systematic, preventive approach to food safety. HACCP plans are used in the food industry to identify points in production that could be become hazardous to food production, and prevent any physical, chemical and biological hazards.

Freer Consulting Co. works closely with food processing clients to develop a HACCP plan, mapping out Critical Control Points (CCPs) rather than relying upon the more traditional quality assurance methods. We build an organization’s HACCP plan to the CCPs present, establishing the necessary record keeping procedures and corrective actions needed. We aim to help your organization create a compliant, safe, and productive food production facility.

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Case Study

Integrated Solutions

On a recent food safety project, Freer Consulting worked with a client that needed to update their HACCP plan and documentation while pursuing JPA certification. With Freer Consulting’s lean, flexible team approach, we addressed both needs simultaneously, built off the prior documentation and tailored the product to the client’s specific needs. With the same team addressing both the HACCP and JPA needs, any repetitive tasks or requirements were addressed to create a clear and concise manual that met JPA guidelines. This saved time during the overall project and enabled the certification timeline to be shortened.