JPA Tanker Wash Guidelines

Regulatory compliance has become a major part of the food and beverage industry, ensuring that the food we consume is safe from forgien material or pathogens at every step of production. The Juice Products Association Model Tanker Wash Guidelines are designed to standardized tanker washing, a key step in providing safe, sanitary transport for juice products. The standard covers everything from the individual wash types and processes to the general maintenance of the facility and sanitary best practices. You can read more about how these guidelines are setting a standard for the industry in our white paper. Freer Consulting has the expertise to develop and implement a compliance framework tailored to the needs of your company. We continue to provide support post-certification, making sure the system continually addresses the needs of your growing company.

Case Study

Multiple Standards With One Goal

On a recent Juice Products Association Tanker Wash Guidelines project, Freer Consulting worked with a client to create a JPA Compliance manual and integrate it with a current truck trailer wash bay operation. A key aspect of the project involved creating SOPs and policies that meet the JPA standards while staying in compliance with other standards and local, state, and federal food safety regulations. We worked remotely with on-site personnel to make sure the procedures and policies integrated with the operation, reflected what was and could be done at the facility, and were practical while keeping project costs low. Freer Consulting Co.’s ability to assemble a lean team of experts that can address the different aspects of a food safety standard enabled us to implement integrated smart solutions tailored to our client's needs.