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The ever-increasing scope and scale of internally generated business data creates enormous opportunity for your organization. Combine your internal measurements with open source data, social media, proprietary databases, market trends, etc., and you are poised to produce tremendous insights - so long as you are prepared to rise to the occasion.

Freer Consulting provides a broad range of monitoring and analytics services, from basic data collection and management to in-depth analytics that address your specific needs and concerns.

As one of the leading global business consultants with more than 20 years of experience, Freer Consulting combines systematic technical processes with hands-on management consulting, leading to actionable insights for a range of clients.

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    Environmental Analysis

    Collection of stormwater samples, storm drain solids sampling, delivery of samples, chain-of-custody management and results analysis through key partnerships with local labs

    Risk Management

    Freer Consulting's recommendations for Risk Management help organizations improve management, safety, and security in the workplace, while also improving the quality and consistency of their output.

    Internal and External Audit Support

    Freer Consulting’s experience with quality management standards and risk assessment enables us to develop effective tools for the analysis of quality management issues and provide internal audits that prepare your business for auditing and certification.

    Due Diligence

    By reviewing financial, legal, environmental, and other relevant records, the due diligence process identifies relevant information, allows for risk mitigation, and ensures buyers and sellers are adequately informed throughout the process.

    Program Management

    We are well versed in the best practices that keep these relationships solid, and these processes more efficient. With over 20 years of experience as an effective business process consultant, we enable you to focus on the other critical aspects of running your business.


    Freer Consulting will train you to be able to uphold and manage your business standards through trusted processes

    Management Solutions

    Management Solutions

    We deliver customized management solutions to address the needs of any industry. We leverage market expertise and technological innovation to answer the needs of our clients in a complex international environment.

    Documents and Accountability

    Documents and Accountability

    Freer Consulting provides clients with a variety of communications tools to share their objectives, implementation strategies, and final results. We work with businesses to develop project goals, performance metrics, expectations, and more.

    Education and Training

    Education and Training

    In cooperation with our project collaborator, Sustainable Media Partners, Freer Consulting produces a variety of education and training materials in a variety of formats, including print curricula, tip sheets, and instructional manuals.

    Process Documentation

    Process Documentation

    We deliver customized management solutions to address the needs of any industry. We leverage market expertise and technological innovation to answer the needs of our clients in a complex international environment.



    The ISO 9001 family of standards for quality management systems, which was originally designed for the manufacturing industry, now applies to a wider range of organizations. Freer Consulting Co. has kept pace with this expansion.



    Customers increasingly want to partner with businesses that are environmentally sustainable. ISO 14001 certification will demonstrate your company's commitment to setting and achieving environmental goals.


    Wise businesses think carefully before going through the effort and expense to procure and/or upgrade an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system.  In this blog post, we incorporate lessons from management systems implementation to make the case that businesses should map their business processes out prior to selecting an ERP system.  There are two key points to consider if your business is considering an ERP system purchase.  First, how can you accurately plan for an ERP implementation if you do not know the scope and boundaries of your business processes?  Business process mapping provides the answer to the scope and boundary question.  Second, do you wish to have better control over the cost and timeline of the ERP implementation?  If your answer is yes, consider that accurate and professionally generated business process maps can assist your company to gain control over the ERP implementation thereby driving value towards your intended outcomes.

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    About Freer Consulting

    Freer Consulting Co. has over 20 years of experience in a wide range of business consulting fields. Our well-rounded, experienced team has a proven record of meeting business needs and achieving results on-time and within budget. We work with businesses across the United States and internationally, providing both on-site and remote consultation. In our industry, Freer pioneered the Global Virtual Playbook, which allows us to provide expert remote consultation to our clients across the globe.

    We establish long-term, productive relationships with our clients. We can grow with your company and provide services as you need them. Our experience means we get it right for your company the first time. Our standards ensure your company realizes the benefits of getting it right, again and again.


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