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Freer has experience with a variety of industrial standards and regulations concerning safety, the environment, and more. We can help you to achieve certification and ensure compliance.

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    American Welding Society (AWS)

    Freer Consulting can help your company obtain AWS accreditation if you perform welding, cutting, joining, or other related processes.

    E-Waste R2 Certification

    For clients with an existing EHSMS, we can assess the level of compliance with a specific standard and make recommendations for how to address gaps. For clients that are just getting started, we can provide a baseline, ISO-compliant management system, and additional services as requested.

    International Safety Management (ISM)

    At Freer Consulting, we recognize that a successful safety management system requires commitment from top level management, as well as individuals from all operational levels of the company, both on shore and off. Our trained auditors keep this in mind as they guide your company through the implementation and internal audit phase of the safety management program.

    NSF Automotive

    Freer Consulting's experience with quality management standards and risk assessment enables us to develop effective tools for the analysis of quality management issues and provide internal audits that prepare your business for NSF auditing and certification.


    Regulatory Compliance

    Compliance with new regulations presents a challenge to businesses operating in an ever-changing and highly complex environment. Freer Consulting assumes the important support role in regulatory compliance by building long-term relationships with its clients, assessing the requirements of the particular regulatory situation and using its broad-based business consulting experience to formulate strategies which will bring the client peace of mind and long-lasting satisfaction.

    What We Provide

    Complete Certification Support

    We can help you build a quality management system from the ground up or update your current one. We ensure your business achieves complete certification in the ISO 9001 standard.

    Ongoing Consultation & Support

    We establish long-term relationships with clients. We work with you to develop solutions, both flexible and proven to succeed, that meet your business requirements and improve efficiency and accountability.

    Customized Software

    We specialize in leveraging advanced industry knowledge and custom software to meet your business needs and goals.

    Complete & Customized Support

    Management Solutions

    Management Solutions

    We deliver customized management solutions to address the needs of any industry. We leverage market expertise and technological innovation to answer the needs of our clients in a complex international environment.

    Documents and Accountability

    Documents and Accountability

    We provide clients with a variety of documents and communications tools to share their objectives, implementation strategies, and final results. We work with businesses to develop project goals, performance metrics, accountability, and more.

    Education and Training

    Education and Training

    We produce a variety of education and training materials in a variety of formats, including print curricula, tip sheets, and instructional manuals.

    Trusted By Industry Leaders

    About Freer Consulting Company

    We have over 20 years of experience in a wide range of business consulting fields. Our well-rounded, experienced team has a proven record of meeting business needs and achieving results on-time and within budget. We work with businesses across the United States and internationally, providing both on-site and remote consultation. In our industry, Freer pioneered the Global Virtual Playbook, which allows us to provide expert remote consultation to our clients across the globe.

    We establish long-term, productive relationships with our clients. We can grow with your company and provide services as you need them. Our experience means we get it right for your company the first time. Our standards ensure your company realizes the benefits of getting it right, again and again.


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    AISC Updates Steel Fabrication Standard

    Brian Schefke Industrial Standards Certification‚ ISO Standards Compliance The American Institute for Steel Construction (AISC) has updated its steel fabrication standard, now titled Standard for Certification Programs 207-20, which supersedes the prior Certification Standard for Steel Fabrication and Erection, and Manufacturing of Metal Components 207-16. The new standard takes effect on June 1, 2021 and is available for download. A brief summary […]

    New Edition of AWS D1.1/D1.1M Standard Released

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    The American Welding Society (AWS) has released the 2020 revision of the D1.1/D1.1M Structural Welding Code for steel. You can find a summary of the changes on the American National Standards Institute website here and a YouTube video from the AWS describing the changes in more detail here. If you would like help becoming certified […]

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