Oil-Gas 1

API Spec Q1

The American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Spec Q1 specification for quality programs allows companies to meet current customer requirements or forge new client relationships by becoming an API Spec Q1 registered organization. If your oil & gas entity manufactures products or provides industry services requiring an API Monogram, Freer Consulting Co. can document, train, verify and implement a management system that conforms to Spec Q1 parameters.


Freer Consulting Co. experts are able to successfully guide your company through quality management system (QMS) assessments and implementations. Using these assessments, we leverage our deep understanding of API requirements and our commitment to customization to develop a QMS that not only meets API Spec Q1 requirements, but also incorporates existing business practices and culture to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our team assists in implementing the system, training employees, and providing internal audit support to collect the required records for a certifiable system. By maintaining a post-certification relationship we are able ensure core elements of the process work as needed, and the system is able to adapt to any changes.