Program Management

Systematic processes, engineering expertise, and hands-on management lead to actionable insights for water quality treatment design, environmental investigation and remediation, assessing risk, and many other related issues.

  • Custom Support, Auditing, and Implementation
  • We Make Certification Simple

Freer Consulting Co. can act as a liaison between your business and regulatory agencies. We can help you provide regulators with required information and we will be present if requested by the client at any onsite audit conducted by EPA or other governmental agency. 

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    Freer Consulting Can Help You With Program Management

    For clients that are just getting started, we can provide a baseline, ISO-compliant management system, and additional services, as requested, such as:
    • Request for Proposal (RFP) Development
    • Vendor Management Solutions
    • Technical Service Provider Management
    • Regulatory Process Management
    • Legal Service Provider Management

    Program Management

    We are well versed in the best practices that keep these relationships solid, and these processes more efficient.  With over 17 years of experience as an effective business process consultant, we enable you to focus on the other critical aspects of running your business.

    With international business rapidly-expanding, it is increasingly important for business entities to adhere to a consistent system of business management and control processes. Freer Consulting Co. has the experience to implement these systems for client companies, whether they comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, or any other ISO standard. We are proud to help our clients gain the prestigious “ISO-Certified” designation, which shows a true commitment from all levels of management to the dissemination of quality business practices. 

    Regulatory Compliance

    Compliance with new regulations presents a challenge to businesses operating in an ever-changing and highly complex environment.  Freer Consulting Co. assumes the important support role in regulatory compliance by building long-term relationships with its clients, assessing the requirements of the particular regulatory situation and using its broad-based business consulting experience to formulate strategies which will bring the client peace of mind and long-lasting satisfaction.

    Environmental Management System Meeting

    What We Provide

    Complete Certification Support.

    We ensure your business achieves complete certification to either the R2 or e-Stewards standards.

    Ongoing Consultation & Technical Support

    We work to develop technical solutions, both flexible and proven to succeed, that meet your business requirements and improve efficiency and accountability.

    Customized Software

    Freer specializes in leveraging advanced industry knowledge and custom software to meet your business needs and goals.

    Complete, Customized Support

    Management Solutions

    Management Solutions

    We deliver customized management solutions to address the needs of any industry. We leverage market expertise and technological innovation to answer the needs of our clients in a complex international environment.

    Documents and Accountability

    Documents and Accountability

    Freer Consulting provides clients with a variety of communications tools to share their objectives, implementation strategies, and final results. We work with businesses to develop project goals, performance metrics, expectations, and more.

    Education and Training

    Education and Training

    In cooperation with our project collaborator, Sustainable Media Partners, Freer Consulting produces a variety of education and training materials in a variety of formats, including print curricula, tip sheets, and instructional manuals.

    Trusted By Industry Leaders

    About Freer Consulting

    Freer Consulting Co. has over 20 years of experience in a wide range of business consulting fields. Our well-rounded, experienced team has a proven record of meeting business needs and achieving results on-time and within budget. We work with businesses across the United States and internationally, providing both on-site and remote consultation. In our industry, Freer pioneered the Global Virtual Playbook, which allows us to provide expert remote consultation to our clients across the globe.

    We establish long-term, productive relationships with our clients. We can grow with your company and provide services as you need them. Our experience means we get it right for your company the first time. Our standards ensure your company realizes the benefits of getting it right, again and again.


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