Health, Safety, Environmental

Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) consulting calls for a comprehensive approach to a wide range of strategic problems and situations. Freer Consulting Co. employs staff trained in a number of disciplines — stormwater pollution prevention, industrial safety, transportation/hazardous materials, etc.

Our attention to detail enables us to offer complete HSE operational packages to our clients, ensuring their ability to comply with OSHA, WISHA, EPA, Ecology and other standards and governmental regulations.

Case Study

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A client that was purchasing land needed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) conducted before the sale could be completed. Freer conducted all of the preliminary research, visited the site, and documented the conditions present at the site. Freer also interviewed the site’s seller for any relevant historical information and also conducted additional research for information that could only be obtained in the community where the site was located. Freer completed the ESA and the sale proceeded successfully.