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Operations & Maintenance Services

In today’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) market the list of responsibilities can be a daunting, risk-laden network of environmental, preventative maintenance and reporting needs and requirements. Power, chemical, and fertilizer plant operators face a vast array of regulatory, mechanical, and worker safety hurdles in order to maintain a world class operation. Freer Consulting Co. (FCC) can assist or, in appropriate situations, lead O&M initiatives with its extensive background in environmental consulting, permitting, internal auditing, Process Safety Management-Risk Management Planning (PSM-RMP), and mechanical integrity, aligned into its Software as a Service (SaaS) for a seamless deliverable.

Whether you are an owner, operator, owner/operator, government entity, or contractor – FCC can tailor the appropriate solution to fit hand in glove with your precise plant operations, maintenance and records needs through its O&M services arm. If you are a proposed buyer or seller of such a facility, FCC’s due diligence practice can provide thorough assessment and regulatory deliverables demonstrating full compliance necessary to advance a transaction. FCC’s “forever in compliance” SaaS can be a valuable IT implementation in order to maintain document management and operational efficiencies at the highest level.

Other deliverables available in the ESA O&M practice include environmental management systems (e.g. ISO 14001), quality management systems (e.g. ISO 9001), Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting and verification. Aligning such complex reporting with proprietary management systems delivers a fused solution that will mitigate risk and allow your entity to focus solely on execution. Title V and various other air permitting assistance, utilizing world class in-house expertise can be integrated into any FCC work package.

FCC’s ability to accurately assess and deliver the right solutions in areas like emissions, mechanical integrity, Continual Improvement (CIP) and other mission critical responsibilities, like training, can all be succinctly answered by FCC. Procedure certifications and Corrective Action are other deliverables FCC provides through its aligned solutions of best in class technical implementation aligned with its SaaS.

Corporate environmental governance advisory is a core practice area at FCC. Plant audit compliance and conformance to various laws and regulations is critical to viability. FCC will not only deliver a custom regulatory interface solution, but also assist in your entity in driving sustainable corrections and any non-conformities. Document and records management is a lifeblood component to such an exercise, and can be integrated into a robust, web-based application via a customized management system component. 

FCC tirelessly vets and achieves conformance, both in its technical consulting and software deliverables, to the ever evolving regulatory landscape. EPA, OSHA, local departments of Environmental Quality, the EPA’s National Emphasis Program (NEP), and ISO are just some of the agencies and bodies FCC with which we move in lockstep, driving its O&M client solution assessments and deliverables.

FCC’s Process Safety Management expertise can integrate seamlessly into your O&M operation, allowing your entity to standardize its approach from a corporate standpoint. FCC’s SaaS provides electronic, online repositories for an infinite amount of data, giving you robust Document Control for all manuals generated, from capital equipment recommended maintenance routines to safety/training.

Since FCC’s SaaS is an enterprise solution, a decentralized management structure can easily be accommodated. Any stakeholder anywhere in the world with a web connection and a browser can access plant data. This access can be limited within certain windows of time according to your corporate information policy.

FCC can also service your O&M operation as a “behind the scenes partner”, providing aforementioned custom deliverables anonymously while you maintain the face and central point of contact of the concern. In essence FCC can provide a full-service PSM department on your entity’s behalf, integrating seamlessly with your calculations and regular work.

In such a scenario FCC develops all necessary documentation, handles regulatory interface, assists in development of mechanical integrity reports and audits, but your employees still perform their daily tasks.