Stormwater Management

Lab management

Freer Consulting Co. has developed partnerships with local labs in the Western United States to assist your facility with delivery of samples to a lab, chain of custody management, and analysis of results.


Freer Consulting can act as a liaison on your entity’s behalf to EPA and state monitoring authorities concerning discharge monitoring reports, corrective action reports, and other required documentation. In addition to engaging regulatory agencies, Freer can also assist you with creating Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) and effective Visual Monitoring Reports.

Engineering Support

Freer Consulting Co. can provide recommendations for source, operational and treatment controls when results repeatedly exceed benchmark levels or effluent limits.


Freer Consulting Co. can provide annual stormwater training in order to ensure your organization meets federal and state requirements. Freer can teach your organization to sample properly based on your unique SIC or NAICS parameters for measurement.

Vessel General Permit

Freer Consulting Co. can assist your maritime fleet concerning compliance with the EPA’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Vessel General Permit (VGP) for water discharges incidental to the normal operation of your vessels. From regulation of constituents in discharge to ballast water, Freer maritime experts advise open-ocean, coastal, and inland fleets. 


Freer Consulting Co. implements web-based, information management systems for monitoring stormwater results, providing a flexible, IT enhancement to your company. An enterprise level system not only captures data at its infancy, but also provides the tools to manipulate, summarize and share that data going forward. Electronic records management is another inherent benefit.


Industrial stormwater management plays an important role in keeping our waterways clean. Freer Consulting Co. staff has extensive experience in all aspects of the process including writing SWPPPs, collecting stormwater samples and reporting to the Washington Department of Ecology and/or the Environmental Protection Agency. We can even assist in the application process for a Stormwater Facility Credit Program which is summarized in our white paper.


Construction stormwater management involves project management of site design to incorporate source control techniques to prevent erosion and the discharge of sediment and other pollutants, reduction of discharge flow rates, and treatment controls to reduce pollutants. Freer can assist your company in meeting any regulatory requirements that pertain to stormwater discharge at construction sites.

Case Study

Installing a stormwater treatment system

A client with a large and active working industrial site needed assistance selecting and installing a stormwater treatment system to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff and meet regulatory requirements. Freer found a suitable media filtration system and provided the technical assistance necessary to install the system. After installation, pollutant levels dropped below regulatory benchmarks. Freer continues to work with the client by providing stormwater monitoring services to ensure that the client remains in compliance with regulations.