Well System Management

Freer Consulting Co. is actively involved in well water management from the permitting process to the actual month to month reporting and record keeping process.  We manage water quality reports for our clients and, as required, develop Small Water System Monitoring Programs (SWSMP) consistent with the requirements of the State of Washington Department of Health.  Where pollutant levels become a problem we can provide technical assistance to our clients in order to overcome the problem.

Case Study

System that dropped the nitrate level

In one particular case a client had a nitrate level of 20+ ppm in their well water.  We researched the market and together with the engineering firm hired to design the system around our recommendations, put in place a filtration system that dropped the nitrate level to just over 4 ppm.  We got the system approved by the Dept. of Health and currently work with our client to manage the reporting requirements.