Field Services

Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

State and local agencies must consider the likely environmental consequences of a proposal before approving or denying it. Freer Consulting Co. is experienced in performing SEPA evaluations for clients and following through with any SEPA checklists that may be developed by the appropriate agencies.


Effluent: Our Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Leads (CESCLs) monitor stormwater discharges from client industrial sites and deliver samples to the appropriate laboratories for analysis. Records are maintained and Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) filings are submitted to the appropriate agencies. These filings and records are tracked to maintain client compliance.

Soils: Our trained personnel install instruments at strategic locations in farm irrigation circles to perform vadose zone water sampling. The samples are then taken to an approved laboratory for analysis. The information is evaluated and recorded by our engineering department and is then used to develop water monitoring programs consistent with appropriate agency requirements.

Plan Verification

Project Management Facilitation requires careful coordination between design engineers, vendor contractors, and project owners. Freer Consulting Co. has trained personnel that work well in this arena, understanding the design plans and working with all participants to maintain an efficient operation. 

Case Study

Four-mile wastewater pipeline

Freer Consulting Co. facilitated the installation of a four-mile wastewater pipeline. This pipeline required numerous design changes that were made in the field and coordinated by Freer Consulting Co. personnel on site. The project finished on time and within budget.