Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Cap and trade, offsets, CAA, carbon abatement... a whole new language has arrived, and with it, a new type of accounting.

Industry faces a convoluted array of initiatives, voluntary programs and information. Do you need to report greenhouse gases (GHGs), and when? What are your GHG sources? Are there gaps in your emissions data? How is this different from traditional air pollution reporting?

Freer Consulting Co. possesses the technical skill and working methodology to help your entity navigate, pinpoint, and move forward on your own environmental initiatives with confidence. With regulatory interface experience, as well as an international standards background uncommon among consulting firms, Freer offers a business-oriented approach to answer your questions, uncover new ones, and help drive your core markets ahead with peace of mind.

Freer Consulting Co. can advise your organization with carbon emissions, measurement, and reporting via a full suite of consulting, software, and integrated deliverables. Greenhouse gas mitigation techniques, verification, and advisory are just some of the areas of Freer's environmental practice.