Program Management

Many organizations can recite a long list of "lessons learned" related to vendor (and other) relationships and processes that spun out of control. Freer Consulting Co. is well versed in the best practices that keep these relationships solid, and these processes more efficient. With over 17 years of experience as an effective business process consultant, we enable you to focus on the other critical aspects of running your business.

Request For Proposal (RFP) Development

Freer Consulting Co. frequently works with other firms and vendors in collaborative and subcontract capacities. Freer will help develop the bids, identify the appropriate sources of support, and manage any outside services required to bring the right mix of resources to projects with diverse needs.

Vendor Management Solutions

Freer provides due diligence and appropriate oversight to ensure your vendors' performance to their contract, and compliance with your requirements. Our services can reduce unnecessary labor costs and reduce your legal and reputational risk. You can learn more about due diligence through our white paper.

Technical Service Provider Management

Technical Service Providers (TSPs) are entities that help agricultural producers implement conservation techniques on their land. Freer Consulting Co. is experienced in the process of selecting, coordinating, and verifying TSP planning and design work.

Regulatory Process Management

Organizations of all sizes face an ever-changing regulatory landscape, and have to respond swiftly to avoid compliance risks. Freer can help your organization map the impact to your processes, adapt by managing your processes accordingly, and document your progress towards compliance.

Legal Service Provider Management

Freer will coordinate legal work by managing the contractual obligations of your legal providers, and facilitate communication and workflow across your internal and external legal teams.