Risk Management

Using Excel to process data is a very risk-laden practice as outlined in our white paper. Our management systems and tools provide a platform to manage business processes and compliance through Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).


ERM is only as effective as the people using the analytical framework to characterize business risks. The staff at Freer Consulting Co. are cross-trained in related functional areas and deploy the appropriate methods to match your specific business needs.

Business Risk Assessments

The field of risk assessment has many specialties. We’ve collaborated with business managers in various industries to develop an integrated framework that quantifies risk, yet delivers results that remain meaningful to operations and executive management.  One driver for this method is that loss prevention models are tightly wed to the insurance industry. Our approach delivers on the request for integration by mining data across disciplines and professions, and within business processes.

Case Study

Historical data reports for expert witnesses

During a complex environmental litigation case, a client required historical data reports for expert witnesses. Unfortunately, the historical data came from data sets that were in different formats, which made it difficult to generate meaningful reports. Freer Consulting Co. used a team of software, database, and subject matter specialists to resolve the issue and generate reports for the expert witnesses.