Due Diligence

Freer Consulting White Paper Brian Schefke

How the due diligence process ensures success in selling a business or property

When a business acquisition is being made, the seller needs to identify relevant documents, track and collect these documents, and handle additional requests from the buyer. This process can take several months or more depending on the nature of the transaction. By performing proper due diligence or utilizing a third party for assistance, a seller can proceed with their business or property sale as smoothly as possible and on mutually beneficial terms for both the buyer and the seller.

The white paper is 3 pages in length and includes sample lists of relevant documents and tracking information during a business acquisition. If you would like to know how Freer Consulting can help your organization with the due diligence process, please contact us.

What is the due diligence process?

By reviewing financial, legal, environmental, and other relevant records, the due diligence process identifies relevant information, allows for risk mitigation, and ensures buyers and sellers are adequately informed throughout the process.

Why would a seller want to perform due diligence?

The seller would want to perform due diligence to identify and resolve issues before the buyer discovers them and to strengthen their position during negotiations by evaluating potential buyers, their future plans, and how the seller’s asset contributes to those plans.