Regulatory Compliance and Quality Programs: Constraints and Opportunities of Integration

By examining the costs and benefits of implementing process-based integrated management systems, organizations may gain insight into the potential value of merging regulatory compliance with quality programs. As an example, the food processing industry is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  under 21 CFR 117.  An international standard in food processing quality is […]

Benefits of R2 Certified Recycling

Electronic waste is all too often making its way into local landfills or being exported to countries where it is improperly disposed of, posing a significant threat to the local people and the environment in general.  Responsible Recycling Practices Standard, known as R2, was facilitated by the EPA and developed by recycling stakeholders to promote […]

Remote Compliance Support for Essential Operations

Last night, Governor Inslee issued a “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, which requires Washingtonians to stay home for at least the next two weeks to flatten the curve of the COVID19 pandemic and keep our healthcare system functioning. This order is crucial for the health of our community. It also highlights just how many sectors […]

ISO9001:2015 Updated Standard: Putting Emphasis on Leadership in a Quality Management System

Certain key factors play crucial roles when leaders aim to maintain and eventually fulfill a vision in a quality management system (QMS). The ISO9001 updated standard serves to highlight the importance of reliable and compatible leadership in the overall effort to maximize efficiency and maintain continuous improvement.  View our white paper to learn more about: […]

APIQR Scope of Registration Update

The American Petroleum Institute Quality Registrar (APIQR) is reviewing all scope statements to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021 Conformity assessment. APIQR will do this in three phases: Phase 1 – Review existing scope statements and update those with grammar errors and vague and/or non-auditable activities/products. Phase 2 –Validate facility scope statements in audit reports […]

Becoming a Greener Distillery

Owning a distillery can produce significant carbon emissions and waste. From coal-generated electricity and plastic cups to airline travel and freight shipments, nearly everything used to run a distillery can negatively impact the environment. Fortunately, for every decision you make for your distillery, there is a greener alternative. Distiller’s Magazine has a great article about […]

ABS Group Registered Consultants List

Freer Consulting recently made the list of Registered Consultants by the ABS Group, a trusted technical services provider focused on safety, risk, and integrity management. The ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE), a subsidiary of the ABS Group, is a world-leading certification body that offers companies management systems certification, verification, assessment and training. If you would […]

API Spec Q1 – Addendum 2: Your Supply Chain is Only as Strong as its Weakest Link

Over the summer, the American Petroleum Institute (API) released an update to its Spec Q1 standard. This update, also known as Addendum 2, requires an additional layer of control over critical suppliers. Ultimately, these controls are beneficial, as they close a quality gap that was previously overlooked; however, as is the case with many improvements, […]