Benefits of R2 Certified Recycling

Electronic waste is all too often making its way into local landfills or being exported to countries where it is improperly disposed of, posing a significant threat to the local people and the environment in general. 

Responsible Recycling Practices Standard, known as R2, was facilitated by the EPA and developed by recycling stakeholders to promote and assess responsible practices for electronic recyclers. 

Getting certified with R2 requires implementation of an environmental health and safety management system, (EHS). The EHS serves a purpose of affecting worker health and safety, security, the environment, and the downstream management of end-of-life electronic material and equipment, both domestically and internationally. Upon implementation, the legal obligations of electronics recyclers remain the same, and R2 encompasses all of the operations in these areas. Additionally, R2 EHS is focused on electronic equipment composed of cathode ray tubes and circuit boards; products containing mercury/PCBs; and batteries. It also seeks to ensure that these materials are not burned or sent to the landfill.

Primary benefits of R2 implementation include:

  • Promotion of safety and efficiency with the recovery and reuse of electronic equipment
  • Protects downstream command of the recycling chain
  • Reduces health risks for the environment and the public 
  • Demonstrates compliance with global laws
  • Decreases liability and can lead to reduced insurance costs for recyclers
  • Helps original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) with due diligence for their electronic waste
  • Enriches public confidence via certified third party review

Freer consulting has over 20 years of experience in lending a helping hand to clients & having the flexibility to cater to specific needs. We can help your business become R2 certified, including implementation of an Environmental Health Management System (EHMS). Get in touch with our experts to find out how we can help with the R2 certification process.