A Critical Time for Employee Communications and Business Continuity Planning

As businesses respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19), many are heading into uncharted waters with their operations by working remotely and managing business continuity challenges. The US Chamber of Commerce has released a guide for employers focused on preventing the spread of coronavirus at work, including important tips on what businesses need to do to handle this situation.

During this time it is important to establish an employee communications plan to communicate the latest information to employees and business partners. A communications plan will help support employees with consistent and focused messaging while communicating valuable information. It enables updating employees on the latest organizational news and helps to keep team members focused on what is most important to them and the business.

The coronavirus may put organizations at risk through staffing shortages and services, but business continuity plans can help sustain business operations. Business continuity planning can help ensure that business processes will recover, as well as include safeguards and procedures for employees.

If your business is transitioning during this global emergency, it is critical to have well established communications and continuity plans. Freer Consulting has over 20 years of experience helping businesses plan for high quality operational success. Contact us for more information on how we can help your organization during this critical time.