Becoming a Greener Distillery

Owning a distillery can produce significant carbon emissions and waste. From coal-generated electricity and plastic cups to airline travel and freight shipments, nearly everything used to run a distillery can negatively impact the environment. Fortunately, for every decision you make for your distillery, there is a greener alternative.

Distiller’s Magazine has a great article about how to create a more sustainable distillery breaking down this huge endeavor into more manageable chunks. Implementations such as using a utility green pricing program to convert to a renewable electricity source or partnering with a carbon-offset company to counteract the unavoidable carbon emissions distilleries produce are easy and quick starts to becoming a greener distillery.  For distilleries with enough environmental practices in place, green certification can be achieved through programs such as the Green Business Network, which reaffirms their commitment to environmental responsibility and standards. By becoming green certified, customers are reassured that your distillery is doing more for sustainability than giving “lip service”. After all, “it’s not easy being [completely] green”.