Changes to AWO Responsible Carrier Program

The American Waterways Operators (AWO) has implemented changes in its Responsible Carrier Program (RCP). If your company is a participant in the RCP, it might be a good time to review your safety management system to ensure that your company is in compliance.

According to The Waterways Journal Weekly, changes to the RCP include:

AWO members may use any safety management system that meets the minimum requirements of 46 CFR Part 138 to meet AWO’s SMS membership requirement and secure certification as a Responsible Carrier;

Companies using the TSMS option for Subchapter M compliance can simply supply AWO with a copy of their TSMS Certificate to demonstrate compliance; and

Companies using the RCP as their SMS will benefit from the removal of unduly constraining RCP deadlines for provisional audits and the revision of internal audit and corrective action plan due dates.

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