Should Your Organization Pursue ISO 9001 Certification?

Quality management systems have become an essential part of modern organizations. Having a standardized system that can streamline your business and be scalable with the company will save the organization time and money. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized quality management standard that helps organizations achieve consistent product and service delivery that meets their customer’s requirements. The latest version of the standard, ISO 9001:2015, has a large emphasis on risk based thinking, helping leadership get ahead of potential risks, and mitigate their causes before they happen. ISO 9001:2015 also has an increased emphasis on leadership involving everything from key performance indicators to change management.  Below we have come up with a few questions to help you determine if your organization needs to be ISO 9001:2015 certified:


Are you looking to increase your organization’s level of risk awareness and control?

Are you looking for consistent quality leadership across all departments, relying less on a quality manager?

Do you need more accountability from your organization’s employees?

Is your supply chain increasing their quality management efforts or are your customers requiring ISO 9001 certification?


Answering yes to any of these could indicate a need for your organization to pursue ISO 9001 certification.  If you would like to know how Freer Consulting can help your organization with implementing and maintaining an ISO 9001 quality management system contact us at (206) 285-9044 or [email protected].