Stormwater Facility Credit Program

Stormwater Facility Credit Program

Businesses in the City of Seattle that have a stormwater treatment facility in place may be eligible for the Stormwater Facility Credit Program (SFCP). This credit allows qualifying businesses to save money on their drainage fees as part of their annual King County taxes.

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) developed the SFCP to encourage businesses to take action in managing stormwater flow. Better management of stormwater lessens the impact on the city’s drainage system, the area’s creeks and rivers, and Puget Sound. Examples of stormwater systems that may qualify for the credit include:

  • Permeable pavement
  • Detention vaults
  • Oil-water separators
  • Bioswales
  • Sand filters
  • Multi-media filters

The more surface area that is managed within the tax parcel, the higher the discount. Stormwater treatment facilities must be built, operated, and maintained in accordance with the city’s Stormwater Code and Stormwater Manual Vol. 3 – Stormwater Control & Water Quality Treatment Technical Requirements  and are verified by an on-site inspection from SPU.

You can find more information about the SFCP here. If you need assistance with the application process or complying with the program’s requirements, please feel free to contact Freer Consulting Co at 206-285-9044 or email.